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Medical Tourism

Comfort Holidays, keeping in mind the steadily increasing foreign patient traffic, has attained tie ups with many of the major hospitals in India and thus ensures in offering its clients who come into India for the purpose of various treatments a world-class treatment, personalized attention and a comfortable stay. Understanding the importance of cultural differences and the uncertainties that go with them, we send them to hospitals which ensures that the foreign nationals can sit comfortably, away from the main reception crowds and they are assisted and directed through hospital for doctor's consults, lab, radiology, reports and even follow-ups and appointments, etc to enable hassle-free procedures.

We ensure that the hospitals we send our clients to are equipped with all modern communication facilities, like telephone, fax, Internet and telemedicine that afford easy access to patients across the globe. It puts at ease the patient's anxiety relating to his/her travel and stay. A special team meets the patient, the moment he/she lands at the airport and ensures that he/she reaches the hospital comfortably.

We can also cater to your additional requirement of luxury and comfort by providing air-conditioned Deluxe rooms or Suites which have all facilities like are available with telephone, television, and other essential amenities. Ultra modern, sophisticated, well-furnished designer rooms that offer 5-star comfort and  all luxury our clients dream for.